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Q: Is there a limit on the number of runners allowed?
A: Yes. 300 runners will be able to race in the inaugural Goose Creek Trail Races.  This will be a rule that we can not bend.  The limit is based on the available parking for runners.  This has become a popular event, so sign up early to guarantee your spot.

Q: Can I walk the race?
A: Yes.  Walkers are welcome in the 5-Mile race.  This will allow ample time for you to complete the race and still take in the beauty of the trails.  We do encourage you to review our Training Page for training plan options to help you prepare for race day.  To respect the time of our volunteers, we cannot accomodate walkers in the 10-mile event.

Q: Where can I pick up my race packet?
A: Race Packets will be available Friday from 4:00 - 6:00 pm at Goose Creek State Park.  Packets can also be picked up on race day as well. Early packet pickup is strongly encouraged to avoid lines before the race.

Q: Can I register the morning of the race?
A: Only if we do not sell out.  The last two years we were unable to register runners on race morning.

Q: Will the course be clearly marked?
A: Yes. All turns and each mile will be clearly marked. Keep in mind, this is a trail event.  Although turns will be marked, we will avoid cluttering up the natural beauty with excessive signage.

Q: What is the terrain like?
A: The Goose Creek Trails are very flat.  Because it is close to the Pamlico River, many of the trails run near marshland.  Where there is moisture you will find countless boardwalks to lead you along the path.  Although the trails are not very technical in nature, you will see roots.  We carefully picked the course to avoid the most "rooty" trail in the park.  Each race will start on the beautiful two mile park road that is surrounded by marshlands, woods, and trees draped in Spanish moss. After that runners hit the shaded trails before running down the Palmetto Boardwalk to the finish line.

Q: Where do I park?
A: Parking is very limited.  Arriving early has it's benefits.  Runners will be instructed by email where to park.  The first 100 cars to arrive will be parked right at the start/finish area.  After that we will park cars on the side of the Campground Road which is a little over a half mile walk.  If you arrive late, you will park farther away from the start.

Q: Can I drop off a runner?
A: Yes.  There will be a drop off zone by the main park office.  You are welcome to drop your runner(s) off so they do not have to walk back.

Q: Is this event chip timed?
A: Yes. "Tar River Timing" will provide reliable chip timing. This will help to ensure a safe start without the need to elbow your way to the front.  Results will be posted live at the event and will be posted online after the event.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: We will still run in the rain. Runners will need to be extra careful with their footing on the boardwalks and trails.  If there is lightning we will delay the start. If we do not foresee a large enough time window to execute the race, the race will be canceled.

Q: How do I get to the race start?
A:  Goose Creek is located in Washington, NC.  Visit Google Maps for the exact location and to create your own driving directions.